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August 14

Thanks to Frances Perkins by Deborah Hopkinson

Why write about Frances Perkins, America’s longest serving Secretary of Labor and the force behind the Social Security Act?   The short answer is that when Peachtree’s publisher Margaret Quinlin and my editor, Kathy Landwehr, suggested Frances as the subject of a picture book, I jumped at the opportunity to write about a woman I’ve […]

Why I Wrote The Great Trouble (Especially for Fourth Graders) by Deborah Hopkinson

Whenever I receive the schedule for an upcoming author visit, I always look first at when I’ll be speaking to fourth graders.  It’s great to start the day with them, or have them sandwiched between squirrelly first graders and scary sixth graders.  But the very best schedule is when fourth graders are last, because no […]

“Readers Make Writers!” by Deborah Hopkinson

When I speak with young students at author visits, I usually lead them in a sort of chant: “Readers Make Writers!” And, for me at least, that’s true.  I’m surrounded by books, and (probably to my family’s dismay), the prevalence of e-books hasn’t lessened my urge to bring real books into our home. A quick […]