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November 23

How I Found Finding Kindness by Deborah Underwood

Getting an idea for a picture book can be the trickiest part of the process. But sometimes you get lucky, and an idea is given to you.   In March of 2017, I was out of town caring for my dad, who’d been seriously ill. I had been too stressed and busy with the demands […]

February 03

You are enough, just as you are by Deborah Underwood

Bearnard’s Book came about in an unusual way—appropriate for a book about being yourself!   Usually a picture book author writes a manuscript, and if she’s lucky enough to sell it, the editor and/or art director at the publishing house choose the illustrator, who then designs the characters.   With Bearnard’s Book, Misa Saburi’s adorable […]

May 05

Interstellar Alchemy: Turning Crushed Dreams into Stardust by Deborah Underwood

Imagine you’re a little girl. Your dad takes to you to planetarium shows on the college campus where he teaches. You love everything about the shows, from the silhouette of your town around the rim of the dome to the fact that the night sky somehow, miraculously, is brought indoors. You especially love listening to […]