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December 24

Top Ten Picture Books With Fascinating Author’s Notes For All Ages by Elizabeth Dillow

I have long been an advocate for encouraging the frequent reading of picture books well past the “recommended” age, generally defined as 3-8 years old. It pains me when I overhear a parent or caregiver tell a child past the age of 8 that picture books are “for babies.” It’s very possible to choose books […]

November 07

10 Great Picture Books About Art by Elizabeth Dillow

“We must guard against the tendency to suppose that our national well-being is served primarily by advances in technology, however important and timely these may be. …And the social sciences and the humanities and fine arts are as important to the quality of our culture and eventually to the strength of our nation as are […]

July 10

Keeping Track by Elizabeth Dillow

My mom recently told me a story about my grandmother that I hadn’t heard before: she remembers my grandma sneaking around with a book borrowed from a teacher friend, doing her best to conceal its presence in their home. The memory especially stands out to her because my grandma was neither a voracious reader nor […]

April 25

Ten Princess Books For Kids Who Could Use a Break from Disney Princesses (Whether They Realize it or Not) by Elizabeth Dillow

The magical reach of the Disney princess extends far and wide: sleeping bags, clocks, toothpaste, Campbell’s soup, tennis shoes… but nowhere more than the bookshelf. It’s possible to browse over 100 pages of princess books on Amazon.com—even Belle’s palace library would be hard-pressed to hold them all.   Despite the many voices warning of princess-induced […]