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September 24

Top 10 Reasons to Join Us in our October Graphic Novel Celebration!

Are your graphic novel book bins always empty?  Are your students begging you for more titles?  Are you always looking for new graphic novel titles?   Do you use them in the classroom to teach craft, structure and comprehension?  Do you love the energy they bring to the classroom?  If so, this event is for you! […]

If Not For Franki by Donalyn Miller

I am not sure when I first met Franki Sibberson. I think it was at the 2009 NCTE Convention in Philadelphia. I knew about her work as a professional development author and speaker, of course. The Book Whisperer was published that year and I was just beginning to meet other professional authors and speak at […]

A Life Without Reading by Franki Sibberson

“Even when reading is impossible, the presence of books acquired produces such an ecstasy that the buying of more books than one can read is nothing less than the soul reaching towards infinity…we cherish books even if unread, their mere presence exudes comfort, their ready access reassurance.” A.E. Newton   Do you ever wonder how […]

Top Ten YA Books That Are Worth Reading EVEN if You Are Uncomfortable with Kissing in Books by Franki Sibberson and Katherine Sokolowski

Twitter, such an amazing spot for professional development, ideas for your classroom, and book recommendations. Over the years we have both developed strong friendships on Twitter. We trust our Twitter friends to steer us in the right direction when we are staring at an overwhelming “to read” stack. When we hear a Twitter friend has […]

Knowing Our Readers by Franki Sibberson

It is October. And, I am ready to teach.  Don’t get me wrong. I have been teaching lots of things. But during the first few weeks of school, I am teaching without knowing my children well. I am planning lessons and experiences that I hope are right for this group of children. And I’ve done […]

Well-Worn and Well-Loved: Ten Classic Professional Books I Cannot Live Without

One wall in my “office” is filled with professional books.  From floor to ceiling, the shelves are filled with the books that have helped me learn to teach thoughtfully. I have been reading professional books throughout my career. I have hundreds and hundreds of books that have impacted my thinking. I have been lucky to […]


(New Year’s Eve seems a perfect time to think about the goals we have for the year ahead. To think about where we want to grow and what we need to do to get there.  In my usual tradition, my main goals each year have to do with fitness and exercise…) So, I am not […]