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Top Ten (or so) Quotes About Reading by Brian Wilhorn

Over the course of history people have had plenty to say about reading. Some reading quotes are poignant, others funny, some state the sentiments we hold within ourselves more clearly than we are able to articulate independently, and some can even be troubling. With so many quotes to choose from, it must be impossible to […]

Can Student Research Uncover a Newbery Error?

One of the best parts of being the reading teacher at a project-based charter school is the opportunity to use books to introduce, support, and enhance content area learning. We’ve used Number the Stars by Lois Lowry to build background knowledge about German occupation during World War II. I’ve read aloud Gary Paulsen’s Woods Runner […]

The Non-Reading Reader

I have fond memories of junior high study hall.That probably puts me in the minority, but there it is. To be quite honest it was the best part of many days. Not that I was goofing off with friends (an understandable assumption) or using study hall to actually study (please). It’s because the study hall […]