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November 17

Our Top 10 Bedtime Read-Aloud (Chapter) Books by Holly Kregel

One of the biggest joys for me as a parent and as a children’s literature scholar is being able to bring the books I’m working with home. Every night before bed, my daughter used to pick out a few picture books, snuggle up, and read with her dad and I before she fell asleep. Our […]

June 27

10 YA Books that Altered My Paradigm by Holly Kregel

I think of all the things I’ve experienced as a young adult; then I think about the much longer list of things I haven’t experienced, things I know startling less about but affect people around me in ways unfathomable to me (violence, gangs, mental disorders, domestic abuse, etc.) Facing certain realities in the context of […]

10 Books I Gave a Chance (And the Lessons I Learned From Them) by Holly Kregel

Sometimes, I just don’t want to read a certain book; it seems simple enough to avoid them, really. No, I don’t think so. Thanks though… And most of the time, the reasons are silly: I don’t like that cover or everyone is reading THAT. I’ve been avoiding some of these texts for close to a […]