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October 17

Adding My Voice to the Chorus of Thanks by Jake Burt

This summer, I spoke to a room full of librarians and children’s literature advocates at ALA in Washington, DC. I used this opportunity to thank them for the work they do – yes, for putting great stories into the hands of the children who need them, for supporting educators in our classrooms, and for tirelessly […]

October 31

AT LAST I SEE THE (Reading) LIGHT – How My Fifth Grade Classroom Changed When I Became an Author by Jake Burt

My second novel, THE RIGHT HOOK OF DEVIN VELMA, is set to release on October 2. I’m certainly excited; we’ll be celebrating with a full-scale launch party at our local indie bookstore (shout-out to RJ Julia!), I’m heading out on book tour to promote it across the country, and I’m hosting a plethora of giveaways […]