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July 09

What We Know by Heart by Jamie Michalak

As a children’s book author, I spend a lot of time visiting rooms that no longer exist. I try to magically transport myself to the past by recalling the specifics. The names of the board games in my playroom. Or the scent of my first grade classroom—a combination of eraser dust, floor polish, and my […]

October 09

PRIVATE: DO NOT READ THIS! The Magic of a Secret Notebook by Jamie Michalak

David Sedaris Frida Kahlo Leonardo da Vinci Isaac Newton Agatha Christie Ernest Hemingway George Lucas Joan Didion Pablo Picasso Harriet M. Welsch   What do all of these people have in common? They’ve all carried a pocket or secret notebook.   Agatha Christie went through 73 secret notebooks. Beatrix Potter wrote in hers using a […]