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February 02

16 in ‘18 Every Myers-Briggs Personality Type from This Year’s Book by Janet Dawson

Long a staple of human resources departments and college counseling offices, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test divides the world into 16 personalities.  As an INFJ, I’m fascinated by this (after all, Katharine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Myers allegedly were INFJ’s), and I can’t help slapping an MBTI label on fictional characters when I’m […]

May 14

What I Learned from Reviewing a Book Every Day for Three Years by Janet Dawson

“I’m thinking of starting a blog where I’ll review a new children’s book every day,” I mentioned to a colleague.  She kind of chuckled and shook her head, clearly unconvinced that this was possible. Was she right? Why would I…or anyone…want to set myself up to have to read and review a book every day? […]