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May 22

How “Girl Books” Could Save the World (Or At Least Help Out!) by Jen Malone

I doubt it will surprise any Nerds that a recent study offered definitive proof that readers of fiction tend to score higher on tests measuring empathy and interpersonal sensitivity, and are better equipped to interpret emotional cues. In short, fiction readers are superior at “human-ing.”   These findings make so much sense to me, because […]

December 21

The Margin Project by Jen Malone

Hey there, Nerdy crew! We’re a fun-loving group of passionate booklovers, right? Pretty social too, huh? Guess what? So are the kids we teach, find library books for and, in my case, write for.  In fact, the current generation of kids has been termed the “Me Generation” and judging by the number of selfies my […]