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February 16

It’s Okay to Just Be “Okay” by Jen Petro-Roy

When I was a kid, I tried a lot of sports. In elementary school, I did ballet and gymnastics for a few years, like most of the other young girls in my suburban town. (I was…not the most graceful child.) I tried rec league soccer, softball, and basketball, and while I liked being on a […]

February 19

Writing a Better Story by Jen Petro-Roy

They say that you should write what you know to make your story better. If you grew up as a figure skater, you can still feel the crispness of those cold rink mornings, can still hear the scrape of your blades on the ice and the sound of the Zamboni. If you lived by the […]

April 24

A Letter to Our Struggling Readers by Jen Petro-Roy

I was one of those stereotypical bookworm kids. The glasses-wearing girl who curled up with a book on the corner of a couch, who sprawled out on my bed or ignored everyone else from the backseat of a car. (Bless my lack of carsick genes!). I loved long books with zillions of pages. I loved […]