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August 04

Falling in Love with 826CHI by Jen Vincent

“Writing a book, publishing it, buying it, and putting that book into a child’s hand may be one of the most important acts of resistance we have. Because books give children light. Books give them hope. Books give them power.” – Donalyn Miller, Nerd Talk, Nerdcamp Michigan, 2017     Over spring break, I invited […]

October 26

Also An Octopus by Maggie Tokuda-Hall – Review by Jen Vincent

Every story starts the same way… with nothing. If you are a writer and/or you write with students, you know the truth of this first line from Maggie Tokuda Hall’s Also an Octopus. Writers make something out of nothing. They pay attention to the world, notice things, capture ideas in their writer’s notebooks. Then they […]

June 22

Book Return by Jen Vincent

As the end of the school year approached, many friends and colleagues stopped in to say goodbye or went to lunch or coffee with me. Many also returned a book I had loaned them when they wish me good luck in a new district. Suddenly, I had a pile of books on my desk. A […]

May 06

Orion and the Dark by Emma Yarlett – Review by Jen Vincent

I first discovered Orion and The Dark at the Candlewick booth at ALA Midwinter in Chicago earlier this year. I read and reread it, gushed about it, sent people to read it, e-mailed Nerdy Book Club to see if I could review it as soon as it was officially out. When I instantly adore a […]

April 21

All Books Count by Jen Vincent

My office door is plastered with the covers of books I’ve read since the start of the school year. I have books on display in my office. I love to recommend books and talk about books. People know I love books and they’ll bring me articles about books or share books they’ve enjoyed. Last week, […]

A Wild Look At Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Jen Vincent

It’s no secret that my favorite book of the year is Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown. At ALA in June, Colby pointed it out to me at the Little, Brown booth. When I read it, it made giggle, it made me gasp, it made me want to tell everyone about it. So I […]

We Love Graphic Novels! by Jordan and Jen Vincent

Being a parent isn’t always easy. Even though there are lots of books out there about parenting, kids don’t come with a manual. So much of parenting is trying something and seeing how it goes; reflecting and refining going forward. When I had kids, I remember hoping that I could help them love reading. I […]

Nerdies of the World, Unite! by Jen Vincent

Nerdies of the World, Unite! (sung to the tune of Bananas of the World, Unite *see below) It’s time to be a writer! Be a writer! Try writing! Try, try writing! It’s been quite a few years since I went to summer camp and made lanyards, played Capture the Flag and sang camp songs, but […]

BFFs Who Love Books by Jen Vincent and Jennifer Bradford

Jen If you are reading this, I’m sure you love the library as much as I do. I mean, two words: free and books. Come on. I’m not sure how anyone can not love the library. I do have to say that going to the library with my two kids can be pretty wild. I […]

Giving Back by Jen Vincent

My second year teaching, in an effort to motivate one of my students to read a book that he was assigned to read in one of his classes, I offered to buy him any book that he wanted. When he told me that he wanted me to buy him The Return of the Antichrist by […]