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March 11

An Interview with Joy McCullough, Author of Blood Water Paint – by Jennifer Ansbach

Today, Nerdy Book Club member Jennifer Ansbach is in conversation with author Joy McCullough, whose novel Blood Water Paint came out this week.   Told alternately in verse and prose, this novel takes us to the high Renaissance where Artemesia Gentileschi paints in her father’s studio, creating art he takes credit for. Comforted after the […]

November 05

Top Ten Nerdy Book Places by Jennifer Ansbach

Like many Nerdy Book Clubbers, I have a reputation as a capital-R Reader, and in addition to being asked about how I could read so much, I often get asked how I find so many books to read. Sometimes people are seeking recommendations. Others are baffled how the books I want to read seem endless […]

Ten Books That Showed Me the Power of Reading by Jennifer Ansbach

I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember. My mother has pictures of me on my ride-on giraffe with a book in hand (she also has ones of me reading on the potty chair, but we’ll skip that). I’d always known that stories were fun, with words and pictures (and later, pictures in […]