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On Connections by E.B. Vickers and Jenn Bishop

The Nerdy Book Club is a community built on connections—between educators, authors, and especially readers. I was lucky enough to form a Nerdy connection with middle grade author extraordinaire Jenn Bishop, whose latest book, Where We Used to Roam, is gorgeous and heartfelt and beautifully written. When I realized all the connections between Jenn’s book and my […]

April 07

Small Moments of Joy by Jenn Bishop

For a brief moment, as I lie on the guest bed alongside my cat, a sunbeam catching each and every one of her glorious white furs, it disappears. The noise, the fear and anxiety, the static in my head that has been buzzing louder and louder every moment since “coronavirus” went from being a word […]

June 12

The Thing About Crushes by Jenn Bishop

I don’t remember what was happening in the world that summer between sixth and seventh grade, but I do remember who I had a crush on. The crush was all-consuming in the way that crushes are when you are twelve and have literally no experience of romance except for how it is portrayed in teen […]

July 31

When Readers Don’t See Themselves as Readers – A Discussion Between Jenn Bishop and Amy Estersohn

One of us (Jenn) is the author of The Distance to Home, a brand-new book for middle grades readers.  Another of us (Amy) teaches middle grades readers.   In The Distance to Home, Quinnen is mourning the loss of her older sister, Haley.  Quinnen’s grief and her guilt over the circumstances surrounding Haley’s death create […]

June 06

In Defense Of The “Sad Book” by Jenn Bishop

I can still remember its place on the shelf in my elementary school library. Mrs. Littlejohn, the librarian, would give us time at the end of each session to browse and check out books. I didn’t check it out every time—I was never a big re-reader as a child or an adult—but I always went […]