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March 24

Where there’s a Will… by Jenni Holm

I have always drawn on family history as inspiration for my novels. In the case of Full of Beans, the story was actually inspired by someone in my immediate family: my son, Will.   Will was only seven when Turtle in Paradise was published and wasn’t quite ready to ready to tackle chapter books. A […]

January 26


When my daughter Millie was a baby, she would often chill in her pack n’ play in my office while I worked.     We both loved board books. I loved the chunkiness and tactile feel. She loved looking at them and … chewing on them. So, it makes sense that years later this baby […]

Nerdy Book Club Session at NCTE

This afternoon, there will be a session entitled Relevance, Relationships, and Reading Lives: Fostering Reading Engagement in All Readers. Whether you’re in Boston for NCTE with the potential to join us or if you’re at home and wondering what you’re missing, we thought that Nerdy Book Club readers might appreciate a peek at what we […]

A Cloak by Jenni Holm

One of the most influential authors in my life was the late Lloyd Alexander. His book, The Black Cauldron, was *the* book that changed how I thought about everything. It made me want to learn Welsh and sword-fighting and how to use a bow and arrow. But most of all it made me want to […]