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January 03


Today marks the end of the 2021 Nerdy Book Club Awards. Our final Nerdies’ post shares the second half of the Young Adult Fiction winners. Thank you to everyone who nominated books for this year’s awards and wrote announcement posts and reviews. We hope everyone found a few new books to read and share with […]

January 11

Fact VS Fiction: Teaching Critical Thinking Skills In the Age of Fake News by Jennifer LaGarde and Darren Hudgins

  Let’s start by making one thing clear: writing Fact VS Fiction: Teaching Critical Thinking Skills In the Age of Fake News was not a labor of love. Don’t get us wrong, we loved working together. We loved our research driven writing process. We loved our editorial team. And we loved being able to share […]

February 16

Incombustible Ideas: The Subtle Bigotry of Book Banning by Jennifer LaGarde and Travis Crowder

Books are powerful. They have the unique ability to transform, inspire, and educate, all while wrapping us in the singularly connective tissue of story. The ideas in books also have the potential to challenge the status quo, make us think differently, and encourage change in our world: a power which some find frightening. In her […]

Retro Review: The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan – Review by Jennifer LaGarde

It’s difficult to call a Rick Riordan book underappreciated and keep a straight face, but compared to Percy Jackson and his pals, Carter and Sadie Kane, the heroes of Riordan’s The Red Pyramid are practically unknown.  Even so, Red Pyramid is my favorite Riordan blockbuster – though not for the reasons you might think.  True, […]