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October 03

Reading Along the Border – New Perspectives, New Understandings by Jennifer Sniadecki

I’ve spent the last few years learning and growing my own reading life, and although I like to think of myself as a reader of diverse books, I have a long way to go. Last year I spoke with several students about their needs and interests as readers with the purpose of rebuilding our middle […]

July 31

A Splendid and Stunning Read: A Seed Is the Start by Melissa Stewart Review by Jennifer Sniadecki

I’ve been spending my summer getting back to nature as much as possible. While I love exploring my local vacation destinations, I also wonder about nature in other parts of the world. Melissa Stewart has given me a peek into plant life from all over the globe in her new book, A Seed is the […]

July 20

TOP TEN Ways NerdCampMI Saved Our Professional Careers by Jennifer Sniadecki, Melanie Roy, and Kelly Vorhis

NerdCampMI is an “ed camp” annual event where teachers from all over the country (and the world!) meet in Parma, Michigan to learn together with authors, illustrators, and other fabulous educators. We feel that the event is hands-down the best summer professional development out there. Nerd Camp Michigan started 5 years ago and has grown […]

January 12

​Everyone Loves Penguins! by Jennifer Sniadecki

I have problems. You have problems. Our world has problems. Did you know penguins also have problems? I read many books in the year 2016, but Penguin Problems by Jory John and Lane Smith is one of the few books I labeled “5-Star Status.” Everyone loves penguins, right? Maybe, maybe not, but that’s not the […]

July 25

My Reading Journey: I’m Going Places by Jennifer Sniadecki

  There are considerable and significant journeys readers take as they travel through life. Readers of fiction travel far and wide – places like the beach, the city, Narnia, Panem, and Oz. Readers who navigate towards nonfiction swim with sharks, design skyscrapers, and fly to the Rose Bowl in the Goodyear Blimp. Writer Rachel Anders […]

June 25

Top Ten Titles That Promote Summer Fun by Jennifer Sniadecki

When you think of summer, what motivates you? For some, it’s getting outside and enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine. For others, it’s going on vacation – traveling to exotic places. For you nerdy readers, it’s reading good books. It’s so hard to choose the top ten (my class and I created this list several […]

January 11

My Nerdy Reading Habit: It’s All My Parents’ Fault by Jennifer D. Sniadecki

I don’t mean to place blame; they would probably deny it, but I am telling you, it’s all my parents’ fault.   My nerdy reading habit began before I could read by myself. Mom and Dad were readers. Dad came home from work each night and after we ate dinner, he would spread the newspaper […]