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March 19

Let’s Have a Few Words by Jennifer Ziegler

Hello, readers. I join you here today with a confession: I, Jennifer Ziegler, am a ginormous word nerd. And my new middle grade novel, Worser, is a love letter to words and the people like me who adore them. The book’s main character, Worser, shares this aspect with me. He and I both have favorite […]

March 12

Dedicating ourselves to “This One’s Dedicated to…” by Chris Barton and Jennifer Ziegler

Eight months or so into COVID-19 lockdown, we finally gave in. After long putting off or downright dismissing an idea that the two of us had for a multimedia sideline (i.e. an unpaid and distracting tangent) to our work as authors, we recognized that conditions had become perfect for giving that idea a try. Namely: […]

July 11

Two (or More) of Us: How Writing Communities Shaped the Authors We’ve Become by Jennifer Ziegler and Chris Barton

JENNIFER: Long before Chris and I got married, I used to double-date the Beatles. Well, not all the Beatles — only Paul and John. And they weren’t technically Beatles anymore, the band having broken up many years earlier. And these dates, if you must know, occurred only on paper — in sketch comedies that my […]