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August 25

Eat Your Rocks, Croc! Cover Reveal – Interview with Dr. Sugar Glider and Jess Keating

Hello Nerdy Book Club! Jess Keating here. As some of you may know, I’m a zoologist as well as an author. I’m always sniffing around for new stories to tell and new natural worlds to explore. But the planet is so big – where do I even begin?! Sometimes, you need to go straight to […]

May 12

Impossible Heroes by Jess Keating

It started in Kiev. I watched with my heart in my throat as two undercover American agents interrogated a Russian man who believes he’s murdered a member of the IMF. They do their job, the adventure begins and then that infamous match is struck. A fuse is lit, racing across the screen, as that ubiquitous […]

June 09

THE WEIGHT OF A LIFE by Jess Keating

I’ve always thought the term nonfiction was a bit of a drag. I mean, nonfiction is the stuff of real life. Nonfiction is the living and breathing pulse under our lives, and how we convey things so crucially important they can dictate the success of a heart transplant, a lone seed germinating, or the stepping […]

May 17

The Books are Only the Beginning by Jess Keating

I’ve always been inspired by Nerdy Book Club generosity. Years ago, I came across the Nerdy Book Club website. A new post everyday! A club of self-declared nerds: my bookish soulmates interested in spreading book love and helping kids find the books that will make them lifelong readers. It was a new place to call home. It also […]

June 04


I’m going to break tradition for a moment here and throw down some science. A fairly recent study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reported some interesting findings: when you ‘lose yourself’ inside a fictional world and connect with a fictional character, that connection can be enough to change your own behavior. It can […]