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March 18

Reading Is Passion by Nimeley and Mrs. Bryan

Creating a space where students can wonder, create, and explore their passions in the classroom is something that Mrs. Rodriguez does on a daily basis for students. Instituting Genius Hour in her classroom is just one of the ways she amplifies student voice through curiosity and choice. One young learner, Nimeley, in her class is […]

March 27

The Rite of Spring: Top Ten Books for the Season by Jill Bryan

Winter has been fairly brutal this year. While Minnesota hasn’t seen our usual snowfall, (we stand in solidarity with the Northeast as they thaw out) it has been brutally cold over the last months. During the fleeting days of seeming warmth you can almost feel the ground trying to breathe. If you listen carefully you […]

Ramona, Matilda, and the Summer Days Ahead by Jill Bryan

In the past week I have put together my summer reading stack for the #bookaday challenge. My stack is towering against my bedroom wall in the order I plan to read the books. I’ve strategically placed all of my must reads carefully throughout the stack in order to help guide me through some of the […]