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August 04

A Classroom Library: If You Build It, They Will Read by Jim Bailey

I had just finished sharing the latest research about classroom libraries with my teachers at a staff meeting.  The research didn’t surprise anyone.  Students who are able to utilize a well-stocked, diverse classroom library spend 60% more time reading compared to those that don’t.  These same students are also more likely to talk about the […]

February 05

Inspiring Readers and Writers with Author Visits by Jim Bailey

Everyone has a favorite day of the school year.  It could be the first day, a special performance, or a tradition that is unique to your school.  For me, my favorite day is an easy choice:  the day of our annual author visit.  This year our guest author was Marc Tyler Nobleman.  He wowed the […]

November 02

I Am a Reader by Jim Bailey

I am a reader.  My friends, colleagues, and both the students and parents at the elementary school in which I am principal all know about my love for reading.  I am a person they come to when they need a book recommendation.  If I do a book commercial in the classroom, it is instantly the […]

February 08

Curing the Reading GERM by Jim Bailey

Four years ago I was ready to leave education.  I loved my school, I loved my principal, I loved my colleagues, and most of all I loved my students.  Unfortunately, I was infected with a GERM, as Pasi Sahlberg calls it, the Global Education Reform Movement.  The obsession with high stakes testing, lack of autonomy […]