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February 10

Cover Reveal for Ear Worm! by Jo Knowles

I used to tell myself if I had a book idea in the middle of the night, it was no use getting up to write it down—if it was a good one, I’d remember. As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve started to wonder if that’s really true. So recently when I had a dream about […]

April 02

What Good Does It Do To Break A Child’s Heart? by Jo Knowles

The first book that broke my heart was The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams. In it, a child’s parents take away his beloved stuffed rabbit when he gets ill, for fear it carries disease. I sobbed for that rabbit, suddenly all alone in the world. I sobbed over the unfairness of it all.   “When […]

August 02

Still a Work in Progress: Learning, Loving, and Laughing through Stories about Life’s Tough Times by Jo Knowles and Kate Messner

When I ran into Donalyn Miller at an SCBWI conference and she asked if I’d be interested in writing a post for the Nerdy Blog. It was right around this time that Kate Messner and I had read each other’s books and had an interesting e-mail exchange about how similar many of the themes were. […]

March 11

Reading Between the Lines with Jo Knowles by Gary Anderson

Nerdy Book Clubbers can celebrate: Jo Knowles has a new book! And it’s really good! Read Between the Lines, Jo’s sixth novel, gives us a son bullied by his father, a girl suddenly ignored by her friends, the embarrassed children of a hoarder, a star athlete hiding his homosexuality, a “chunky” cheerleader, and other compelling […]

Crying, Mentors, Read-Alouds, and Revision – A #NerdyBookClub Interview with Jo Knowles and Cindy Minnich

Months ago I asked Jo Knowles if she’d want to post on Nerdy Book Club  –  I knew that she had a new book hitting stands soon – a sequel to Jumping Off Swings called Living with Jackie Chan which follows Josh through his senior year of high school. He has chosen to move away […]