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October 12

The Story Behind Sorry For Your Loss by Joanne Levy

Hi again, Nerdy Book Club friends. In case you missed it, I was here about a year ago, talking about my book FISH OUT OF WATER. That book touched on toxic masculinity and was a gentle but frank look at gender stereotypes while encouraging kids to find and follow their passions. Today, I’m here to […]

December 08

We Can Do Better – Gender Stereotypes, Toxic Masculinity, and Letting Kids Be Their Authentic Selves by Joanne Levy

I’m often asked where I got the idea for FISH OUT OF WATER. I think people assume I know a kid who was discouraged from doing an activity because of their gender. They want to hear that origin story. The truth is, the seed of the idea came from something much bigger: a horrible tragedy […]

January 10

Writing Not-So-Serious Books by Joanne Levy

“Do your friends tell you you’re funny?” I still cringe when I think of the time when a very big deal New York editor asked me that question when we were discussing one of my manuscripts. Because really, how does a polite Canadian respond without sounding obnoxiously braggy (I’m cringing even as I type this, […]

The Important Ones by Joanne Levy

Sadly, I have a horrible memory. The older I get, the more the tapestry of my childhood unravels, each thread of memory loosening and coming undone, more and more of it lost forever. That said, I don’t remember who taught me to read, and I don’t remember the first book I read by myself or […]