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September 28

Heartprint Books and Ba-Bump Moments: The Way to Bea by Kat Yeh – Review and Interview by JoEllen McCarthy

“There is this thing I do when I’m deciding about a book.  Waiting to see if I’ll connect with it.  If I’ll feel that bah-bump in my chest.  —-“ Bah- bump. Bah-bump.  You know that moment when you truly connect to something? Your heart starts racing.  Whether it’s a book or a poem or a […]

October 25

Top 10 Tips to Get HS Students (All Students) Interested in AND Excited about Poetry OR What I Learned from Hanging with Kwame by JoEllen McCarthy

If you are a nerdy fangirl (or fanboy), you will get why the next sentence sounds so surreal.   I have had the pleasure of knowing author, poet extraordinaire, and Newbery winner, Kwame Alexander for many years.  Recently, Kwame asked me to join him at a high school visit here on Long Island. Kwame spent the […]

July 05

Just One Book Top Ten by the AllWrite Dinner Crew

When you get a group of literacy educators together at a table over dinner, what does the conversation turn to? Books! The problem is how fast our “to be read” stack grows when we get together. So. Many. Books. How to help? We each decided to pick just one book (this is really hard!) released […]

March 26

How They Choked Failures, Flops, and Flaws of the Awfully Famous by Georgia Bragg – Review by JoEllen McCarthy

WARNING: if you read on, this may cause purchase of books… If you are Nerdy, you understand the thrill of finding a new “must have”.  However, when that title is a companion to an already amazing mentor text, well let’s just say there are additional nerdy bonuses.   Georgia Bragg showed us that nonfiction can be […]

Smile by JoEllen McCarthy

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always. – -Plato Some stories are meant to be told.  Some stories are meant to be written.  All stories are meant to be shared.  After all,  stories are what connect us.  As humans, we are all linked in so many ways. As […]

Heartprints by JoEllen McCarthy

A heartprint book.  When my friend and colleague,Trish  first mentioned that term,  she was speaking about The One and Only Ivan.  It made perfect sense. It seemed like a fitting way to describe those books that touch our lives and our hearts, leaving us changed forever.  Then I got curious.  And being Nerdy, that made […]

A “Top 10” Energizing Resources for PD by JoEllen McCarthy

“If you have even one colleague with whom you can share ideas, readings, and questions, you can draw from that enough energy to maintain your motivation and ability to grow professionally.”* This quote from Donald Graves speaks volumes.   It resonates for me in my work with teachers and students.  Professional learning is a source of […]

Top 10 books That Had Me At Hello by JoEllen McCarthy

Tough question, are you a geek or a nerd? I have been going over that thought in my head for years.  It was with pride that I considered myself a literacy geek.  You know the type: obsessed with books, pd and all things literacy.  Often people would laugh and smile, but most didn’t really get […]