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January 10

DON’T BE AFRAID OF GHOSTS by John David Anderson

What is the scariest place you could imagine? A dilapidated amusement park inhabited by cannibal clowns? A centuries-old Victorian with brittle bones and fleeting faces frosting up the windows? A creepy basement with one lonely hanging lightbulb flickering off and on like an irregular heartbeat? A farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, complete with swaying […]

August 15

How to Write a Science Fiction Novel, Minus the Actual Writing Part by John David Anderson

Dear Me,     Happy 5th Birthday. Today there will be cake. Tomorrow your father will take you to see a little movie called The Empire Strikes Back. Having not yet seen the movie that comes before it, you will have no idea what’s going on, but there are giant walking tanks and laser swords and […]

May 04

Life is Like a Round of Mini Golf by John David Anderson

Malcom Greeley has no control. His parents’ marriage is starting to unravel. He hears voices inside of his head telling him he’ll never be good enough and voices outside of his head prodding him to be better. He tiptoes through life, certain he’s about to take a wrong step, causing everything to blow. And then […]

May 08

Keepin’ It Real by John David Anderson

Rion Kwirk’s father makes jellybeans for a living. His mother named her kids after constellations. His older sister is a swordfighter. His younger sister is a walking dictionary. And his grandfather…the man nearly defies explanation. And while his death isn’t all that mysterious, his funeral sure is. Finding Orion, my forthcoming novel, is a little […]

April 18

It’s Hard Being a Hero by John David Anderson

It’s hard being a hero. This is a glaringly obvious theme in most of my books. In fact, I’m pretty sure one of my characters has ham-fistedly said “Gosh, it sure is hard being a hero,” right before donning their mask, unsheathing their sword, or fashioning their fireball and engaging in an act of bravado. […]

June 02

Who is Ms. Bixby? by John David Anderson

It’s a question I’ve been asked already, easily gleaned from the title and cover copy, I assume. It is a question that I secretly dread, because I feel like my answer can do nothing but disappoint. I suspect the person asking suspects that there is a cut-and-dried answer. That there is one haloed, quote-spouting, Stand-and-Deliver […]

June 17

Why Dungeon Diving is Like Writing by John David Anderson

I am armed. With Post-it notes and Atomic Fireballs (the sucking-on kind, not the scorching-your-enemies kind). My muses sit beside me: Homer Simpson and Doctor Doofenschmirtz. Mark Twain and Chewbacca. I wield something even mightier than a sword—a Toshiba laptop. It is time. I am going to write today. There is a very good chance […]