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August 20

“We’re in the Soup Together”: A Review of Elizabeth Wein’s Black Dove, White Raven by Judy Jester

I fought with my brother tooth and nail when we were kids. We’d often seek to build an alliance with my sister to exclude the other, cleverly titled the “We hate John” or “We hate Judy” club, depending on who’d been able to sway her. Whoever was on the outs would then join the brainchild […]

August 07

Picture Me Perplexed: The Appropriateness of Meg Rosoff’s Picture Me Gone – Review by Judy Jester

Perguntador is my new favorite word. I find myself saying it over and over again. It is Portuguese and means “one who asks too many questions.” It is also the endearment given to the narrator of Picture Me Gone by her father. After having read Meg Rosoff’s novel twice, it could apply to me too. […]

A Leap of Faith: Worrying Needlessly About Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet – by Judy Jester

It was an offhand remark that brought Born on a Blue Day to my classroom. Our school secretary asked me how many test prep workbooks I needed. I told her none. She laughed and said, “No, really. How many?” Thinking I was just grousing with a friend, I told her I didn’t use the ones […]

Stupid is as Stupid Does: A Review of Neal Shusterman’s Bruiser by Judy Jester

I remember as a teenager being disgusted by the writers of General Hospital. One day they decided to have an evil genius, Mikkos Cassadine, freeze the fictional town of Port Charles and hold it for ransom in July, the first step in his plot for world domination through his weather machine. First, I was supposed […]