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Librarians – A Celebration by Justin Stygles

My love of a library started at Doug Valley Elementary School in Colorado Springs, CO.  When the class went to the library, I felt safe. Accepted.  Maybe the smile librarians offered made the difference?  Maybe their exuberant celebration of every book possible made the difference? While walking to school once, I dropped my books in […]

March 19

Five Compliments for Reading Teachers by Justin Stygles

Teaching reading is a long term investment.  The results, at the intermediate and middle level, are hard to tell in a short span of time. Oral reading rates, accurate reading, and advancement through levels rarely change over the course of a month and sometimes the entire school year.  Reading, grades 4-8, in my opinion is […]

2013 Nerdy Awards for Nonfiction Announced by Justin Stygles

Need a New Year’s resolution?  An addendum to #nerdlution, perhaps?  Try non-fiction (to be a bit vague). This year’s Nonfiction winners are breathtaking, heartbreaking, and mesmerizing. Two books will remind a reader they are reading non-fiction by topic and layout.  The other three, however, may trick the reader. Somewhere in the middle of reading, the […]

For the Love of New Books (and CD’s) by Justin Stygles

What was the coolest thing about a record store or a book store?   Release day.   In 1989, age 12, I had to be the first in line to buy the CD at the store, hoping I would be the first in the country to buy Mötley Crüe’s Decade of Decadence.   Ever had […]

How I Learned to Teach Reading From Richard Peck by Justin Stygles

Richard Peck revealed, to me, the necessity of teaching strategic and close reading. He doesn’t know it. Heavens, I didn’t know it, until I taught A Long Way from Chicago roughly nine years ago. As I read this Newbery Honor book, to develop my instructional plans and author comprehension questions, I laughed and marvel at the […]

Children’s Literature and the Kentucky Derby by Justin Stygles

The Kentucky Derby passed over the weekend. A day of pageantry; beautiful dresses, hats, and millions of dollars in luxury. Derby day is the one day of the year everyone is a horse racing fan. While most connect horse racing to gambling, those who follow the sport are intrigued, not by wagering, but by the […]

Music Is Love by Justin Stygles

I think about where I learned from reading. Honestly, I started to learn from reading when I was roughly ninth or tenth grade – when I started to read the lyrics to songs in the liner notes that came with the cassette tape. This was the best thing ever! Never was I so engaged. My […]