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July 11

Captain Superlative by J. S. Puller – Review by Jaymie Dieterle

Captain Superlative has taken Dearwood Park Middle School by storm with her swimsuit-and-tights costume, blue rubber gloves, wig, facemask and cape. You can’t miss her. She seems to know everyone and see everything. She helps injured kids get around the school, distributes peppermints to all the kids who have tests to take, and creates study […]

March 02

Taking Ownership of His Reading Life by Jaymie Dieterle

My husband and I started investing our son’s reading life early on. He had a shelf of Sandra Boynton books in his bedroom before he was born. We read multiple books during the day when I was home with him as well as at bedtime. As a toddler, I often found him “reading” to his […]