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June 15

Top Ten Books for Young and Young Adult Runners by Kacy Smith

I love reading. I mostly love running. My reading and running lives are not dissimilar; I have reading buddies and running buddies; I have running injuries and reading injuries (papercuts are no joke). I live in Oregon, a state known reading (think Powells and Wordstock) and for running (think Nike and Tracktown). We run at […]

May 25

Read, Rise, Resist, Repeat by Kacy Smith

A few short months ago, my district was in the middle of a comprehensive ELA adoption, which had a focus of providing diverse and engaging classroom libraries. Expected growing pains had arrived and passed, replaced with increased reading volume, stamina, and enjoyment. That all changed after a parent filed a complaint to have Andrew Smith’s […]

December 17

You Bring the Distant Near by Mitali Perkins – Review by Kacy Smith

What do you keep, and what do you leave behind? This is the question that shapes You Bring the Distant Near, the latest YA novel from Mitali Perkins, a sweeping, multi-generational, female-centric story of a family immigrating from Ghana to London to New York City. The title is taken from the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, […]

August 19

Top Ten Books for Neurodiversity by Kacy Smith

It was a sheer and happy accident that I started teaching and working with neurodiverse students. I teach sixth, seventh, and eighth grade gifted students, a number of whom are twice-exceptional (2E), meaning they possess both the gifts of neurodiversity and of high intelligence. While the definition of neurodiversity is evolving, I use the term […]