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November 22

Ten Ways to Get Primary Readers to Read by Kimberley Moran

As he sounds out the word painfully slowly, he looks desperately to the illustration for assistance. He looks at me. I look back blankly. He says each sound separately, but blends it incorrectly. He shakes his head. He looks at me. I look back with my gentle smile.  He glances over at the boys reading […]

Eloise by Kay Thompson – Reviewed by Kimberly Moran

For some, okay most, Eloise is far removed from any kind of reality. But not for me. For me, she was funny, smart, loveable, interesting, also six, and lived at The Plaza Hotel. The Plaza  Hotel for God’s sake! Eloise was read to me weekly long before my sixth birthday, but on my sixth birthday […]

You Aren’t Really Alone by Kimberley Moran

There has never been a single moment in my life that couldn’t somehow be connected to a book. My mother read Goodnight Moon to me every single night. It was a part of our nighttime routine—signed in stone—along with singing Rock a Bye Baby, back rubbing, glasses of water, 38 hugs, and the pesky, “You sat on his bed […]