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December 28

The 2017 Nerdies: Nonfiction Picture Books Announced by Karen Terlecky

I am so excited to share the winners of the nonfiction picture book category today. This category is near and dear to my heart–back when I was a classroom teacher looking for great informational books to share with my students, as a literacy coach sharing nonfiction titles with teachers, and now, as I teach children’s […]

The 2013 Nonfiction Picture Book Winners Announced by Karen Terlecky

What a great year to be a reader of nonfiction!  When the Nerdy nominations were announced for this category, I immediately started reserving books at my library that hadn’t already been read.  What a treat I’ve had the past few weeks, immersing myself in fascinating topics!  But the Nerdy Book Club voters have spoken, and […]

A New Appreciation for #carPD by Karen Terlecky

My husband would say I’m a complicated traveler.  When I’m in a car, I always bring a large bag of entertainment for myself (much like I used to do for our children).  The bag contains items that will keep me entertained and amused during the trip: iPad for playing word games and staying current on […]


I have been happily immersed in nonfiction picture books lately.  I have spent a lot of time looking at many great nonfiction books as I choose the best mentor texts for nonfiction to have in our classroom library. One of the ways I’ve done that is to spend a great deal of time looking at […]

How I Help My Kids Have Reading Lives (and Join the Nerdy Book Club)

I love my job!!  On a daily basis, I have the opportunity to model for my students how I am personally part of a much bigger reading community than just the four walls of our classroom.  I frequently talk to them about my reading life, their reading lives, and how I want them to live […]