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September 28

Heartprint Books and Ba-Bump Moments: The Way to Bea by Kat Yeh – Review and Interview by JoEllen McCarthy

“There is this thing I do when I’m deciding about a book.  Waiting to see if I’ll connect with it.  If I’ll feel that bah-bump in my chest.  —-“ Bah- bump. Bah-bump.  You know that moment when you truly connect to something? Your heart starts racing.  Whether it’s a book or a poem or a […]

June 23

on poetry and shyness and the way i wish i were… by Kat Yeh

I’ve been thinking about poetry a lot, lately. The main character of my second novel and current work-in-progress is a shy twelve year-old poet. I was once a shy twelve year-old poet, myself. It is a few decades later and I am a shy poet still. When I was nine, my mother bought me a […]