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Preferred Texts by Kevin Hodgson

As educators, we can’t ignore the fact that our students are “reading” more and more varied texts these days, and yet, if you are like me, much of what we “read” in our classrooms are still very much traditional books and articles. Words on paper. At the start of the school year, I used a […]

The Expected/Unexpected Text by Kevin Hodgson

As an adult reader, I revel in the unexpected. I don’t want formula from the books I read. I want to experience twists and turns. I want my writers to take me on what appears to be a familiar walk and then turn it into an unknown adventure. But as a child, I was almost […]

The Book Thief

Dear Student Who Stole My Book, Listen – I get it. The book is wicked cool. That’s why I read it in the first place and that’s why I recommended it to all of you as my students. So, I understand why you wanted to take the book and read it. I kept it right […]

Top Ten Invented Words by My Students That Could Be Used to Describe the Nerdy Book Community (as interpreted by me)

Each year, as we study the origins of the English Language, my students invent their own words and we use a wiki to add to an ever-growing CrazyCollaborativeDictionaryProject. It is an online dictionary — with some podcasts by student word inventors – that grows by about 80 words every year, and allows for collaboration across […]

The Funny Pages

It would be nice to have an enriching story to tell about how I learned how to read by having some well-intentioned and influential teacher placing that one special book in my hands that unlocked the mystery of words on the page.  In this telling, it would be some some classic picture book that became […]

Just Let Them Read

One of the hardest things I have to do as a teacher is to tell that kid to stop reading and start listening. You know the ones. They have furtively slipped a book onto their lap, and as I drone on about figurative language or vocabulary rules or narrative arc, they are immersed completely in […]