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May 11

Lighthouses and Chapter Books by Kirby Larson

Five miles from shore, near Sequim Washington, stands the New Dungeness SpitLighthouse. “New” is a relative term; the lighthouse has been in service since 1857, its beacon reliably guiding ships to safe passage. A few months ago, three writer friends and I werehauled out to the very tip of the spit in enormous trucks rolling […]

August 29

Two Authors, One Voice for the Voiceless by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery

Hurricane Katrina has been called the largest and most devastating natural disaster in the history of our country. Ten years ago this week we watched in deep sadness as our fellow Americans suffered great losses.   But out of horrific experiences come opportunities for giving and receiving love. As author Tory McClure, (A Pearl In […]

May 19

Brava, Birdy! by Kirby Larson

In 1995, my daughter’s then 6th grade teacher snagged me after school and pressed a book into my hands. “We’re reading this aloud in class,” she said. “And I think you would love it.”       I took the book home and turned to the first page. There I encountered one of my top […]

February 24

A Nerdy Birdy Invitation by Kirby Larson

In May, a book that changed my life, Catherine Called Birdy, will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Birdy not only opened a new door on what historical fiction could look like, it took the hinges clean off. Though grounded in thoughtful and thorough research, this novel was all about character. And what a character! Catherine/Birdy is […]

Teacher Tuesday by Kirby Larson

Last summer, when I took a hiatus from blogging I vowed to start up again only if I could figure out a really good reason for doing so– other than posting photos of the most adorable granddaughter in the entire universe. I perused other author’s blogs and websites for ideas. Barbara O’Connor generously shares writing […]

Beach Combing for Books by Kirby Larson

A few years back, we built a little house above a rocky beach, just south of the Canadian border, and named it Shangri-Lar. It truly is my piece of heaven on earth. The moment I turn into the drive, I feel myself unwind. Once everything’s carted into the house, and the groceries are put away, […]

Nerdy Newbery (honor)

C.S. Lewis once said, “We read to know we’re not alone.” That certainly describes one of the reasons I read as a kid. Growing up, I attended five grade schools, two junior highs and two high schools. And this was in a time when people tended to stay put. I also wore glasses and had […]