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February 06

The Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman – Review by Julie Potvin Kirchner

Sometimes a book comes along and it pulls you in before you read a single word. For me, The Bridge Home, was a book I was highly anticipating because Nancy Paulsen middle grade books never disappoint. I was also super excited to read author Padma Venkatraman’s middle grade novel debut. And then I saw the […]

February 19

A Gift I Give Myself by Julie Potvin Kirchner

When I got home from NCTE last November, there were several colleagues surprised to hear I had paid for the entire trip, with the exception of the cost to cover a reserve teacher, out of my own pocket. They wondered how and why I would choose to do this. The reasons are many and continue […]

December 02

Repeat Readers by Julie Potvin Kirchner

I recently overheard a teacher asking a student to choose a different book because “you have read all the books in that series.” As I listened to their conversation I got the feeling not only had this student read all the books in the series, but that she had probably read them more than once. […]