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May 14

Kick Me Under the Table All You Want (I Won’t Shut Up)*: The Making of York #3, The Map of Stars by Laura Ruby

Back in November of 1991, my family’s Thanksgiving dinner table was filled with talk of Anita Hill’s Senate testimony. Members of my extended family discussed Hill’s allegations that she’d been harassed by Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, declared them ridiculous and impossible to believe, and insisted that Hill must be in it for the fame […]

May 14

The Clockwork Ghost or Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story by Laura Ruby

Sometime last fall, a friend asked me if I wanted to go to Greece* in April.   “Of course I want to go to Greece,” I said. “Who doesn’t want to go to Greece?” Except that I didn’t have time to go to Greece. I mean, I barely had time to go to the bathroom. […]

October 04

Cover Reveal: YORK: THE CLOCKWORK GHOST by Laura Ruby

It’s been eighteen months since I wrote this post about York: The Shadow Cipher—the first volume in my middle grade alternate history adventure—and my cancer diagnosis.  A lot has happened since then. I’ve gone through chemo, surgery and radiation. I lost my hair, grew a bunch back, and dyed it purple and blue. I got my nose pierced.  […]

March 10

Me & Ms. T. by Laura Ruby

I was the weird kid in the back of classroom. You know the one. The absent-minded, goggle-eyed kid that can’t ever seem to focus, the one that daydreams through the entire lessons, stares into the middle distance with a glazed, dumb look on her face. (Not that you’d ever put it that way, unlike my […]