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March 06

Intentionality: What’s in Your Bookshelf? by Laura Wagenman

73.3% in 2015. 50% in 2018. While I love numbers, these numbers are cause for concern, reflection, most importantly, action. According to the School Library Journal, 50% of books published in 2018 contained characters who are white. When this was released this past June, it made me even more determined to be intentional about the […]

February 27

Life Lessons While Visiting Authors with My Daughter by Laura Wagenman

Four hundred six…That’s the number of books we’ve squeezed into my 7 year old’s bedroom. As a former first and second grade teacher, she inherited many of these from my classroom but many more were carefully chosen by her. She’s been a reader as long as I can remember likely since her first book, Love […]