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April 28

I Can Do It Myself by Linda Urban

Years ago, when my son was a preschooler, I watched one of his classmates struggling to put on the many layers of snow gear that can sometimes be required for a Vermont recess. His mom hurried over to help him remove his leg from the armhole of his parka. “I can do it myself!” said […]

June 18

The Meaning of Maggie by Megan Jean Sovern – Review by Linda Urban

beep beep beep My dad won’t stop beeping. If the opening lines of Megan Jean Sovern’s The Meaning of Maggie are just a tiny bit disorienting, then great, because that puts you on equal footing with our narrator, Maggie Mayfield, who will spend the rest of this smart, funny, emotionally honest novel trying to put […]

THE REAL BOY by Anne Ursu – Review by Linda Urban

I had a difficult time writing this review.  One reason for this is that my son kept taking the book from me.  He is eight.  He loves books about magic and adventure.  He was sucked in by the very first paragraph.  Who wouldn’t be?  In case you don’t have a copy of the book there […]

A New Point of View by Linda Urban

Recently, I wrote a post on my blog about point of view and I’ve got another in the works.  These posts are about the nuts and bolts of point of view – why writers might choose one over another, what strategies we might employ in the process.  That sort of thing.  Here, amongst my fellow […]

How to Make (or Unmake) a Reader by Linda Urban

I’ve read my share of Nerdy Book Club author posts.  Some are about becoming a writer.  Lots are about becoming a reader.  Mine starts like one of the latter, but like many a tale, it takes a nasty twist.  You’ll see. I read a ton as a small child.  My mother says I was reading […]