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July 26

Weaving with Words by Lisa Graff (A Cover Reveal for Far Away)

One of my earliest memories is of waking up on Christmas morning, only to discover that my beloved Cozy Coupe toddler car had been stolen right off our porch. I was devastated, but when mother told me that the person who took it probably didn’t have money for their own child’s Christmas present, it eased […]

October 21

The Case for the Companion Novel by Lisa Graff

As a rule, I’m not a big fan of sequels. I love series (Baby-Sitters Club 4ever!), but straight sequels—follow-ups to stand-alone novels whose existence is not crucially necessary to the completion of a story—those I generally tend to steer away from. Lots of people feel differently, of course. Children, in particular, seem to clamor for […]

June 19

How (Not) to Win at Reading by Lisa Graff

When I was very young, I eyed thick books the way I imagine climbers eye Mount Everest—as something to be conquered. Smart people, I had deduced, read long, important books, and more than anything I wanted to win at reading. In third grade, while my classmates (the suckers) were reading Frog and Toad Are Friends […]