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October 21

The Case for the Companion Novel by Lisa Graff

As a rule, I’m not a big fan of sequels. I love series (Baby-Sitters Club 4ever!), but straight sequels—follow-ups to stand-alone novels whose existence is not crucially necessary to the completion of a story—those I generally tend to steer away from. Lots of people feel differently, of course. Children, in particular, seem to clamor for […]

June 19

How (Not) to Win at Reading by Lisa Graff

When I was very young, I eyed thick books the way I imagine climbers eye Mount Everest—as something to be conquered. Smart people, I had deduced, read long, important books, and more than anything I wanted to win at reading. In third grade, while my classmates (the suckers) were reading Frog and Toad Are Friends […]