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May 16

Cover Reveal : A Dog Named Haku, A Holiday Story From Nepal by Margarita Engle with Amish Karanjit and Nicole Karanjit

Imagine a holiday for celebrating dogs. Not just pampered pets, but strays too. All over the city and countryside, people shower puppies and older dogs with treats, blessings, and decorations. This festival is real, but few Americans are aware of its beauty or significance. When my Nepali son-in-law, Amish Karanjit, told me a story from […]

October 18

Top 10 Signs of Hope for Own Voice Poetry by Margarita Engle

A few years ago, I was introduced at a writer’s conference as the only happy attendee, because I was a poet, and poets don’t expect to make money, so they are never disappointed. I’m afraid that’s still true for most of us, but one thing has changed: I no longer go around referring to poetry […]

January 20

When Bilingual Book Dreams Come True by Margarita Engle

For many years, I have quietly hoped for bilingual or Spanish editions of my books for young readers.  Fifty million people in the U.S. speak Spanish, but translations of books by Latino authors are as rare as any endangered species.  It’s much more common to find Spanish editions of bestsellers by non-Latinos. Latino family literacy […]