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We Want You! Batty About Books Goes Wild! – Maria Selke and Kathy Burnette

I’ve always wanted the chance to be part of a book club. Unfortunately, most of the local people I know don’t tend to choose the books I like. So when I had the chance to “buddy up” with Kathy Burnette (aka @thebrainlair) last year, I eagerly jumped on board. We formed an alliance called “Batty […]

Top Ten Bookish Treats by Maria Selke and Crystal Brunelle

It is a fact universally acknowledged that a Nerdy Book Club member in possession of a good book must be in want of nothing. Wait… did we mention that there would be treats? Everything is better if you add in a treat. Let’s update that old saying even more and say that a Nerdy Book […]

My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George – Review by Maria Selke

Those of you who know my online persona may be surprised by the book I’ve chosen to review today. It’s true; I do tend to gravitate toward science fiction and fantasy novels.  My students also lean in that direction. Yet a healthy reading diet includes books of all flavors.   So when I was looking […]

Batty About Book Buddies by Maria Selke and Kathy M. Burnette

What’s the best way to grow as a reader? Have authentic conversations about books with a fellow book lover. This is the tale of how Kathy and Maria became book buddies. When we discuss our books on a Google doc, Maria uses purple text and Kathy uses blue. We’ll continue that tradition here as we […]

Top Ten Girl Power Books: YA/Teen by Jen Vincent, Kellee Moye and Maria Selke

Long gone are the days when girls had to look far and wide for powerful young women in popular literature. Long gone, too, are the days when there was only one model of strength. Today, our favorite ladies are even hitting the big screen in blockbuster films. Hermione from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, was […]

Top Ten Girl Power Books: Middle Grade by Jen Vincent, Kellee Moye, & Maria Selke

May Amelia and Marty McGuire are the girls who started it all. While discussing them on Twitter, our wheels began turning. What strong girls in children’s literature have we loved through the years? That discussion led to our Top Ten Girl Power lists. Our first post featured picture books and early readers, including Kate Messner’s […]

Top Ten Girl Power Books: Picture Books & Early Readers

Princess Elizabeth from The Paper Bag Princess written by Robert Munsch, illustrated by Michael Martchenko Elizabeth is no ordinary princess. Munsch takes a simple quest tale and turns it on its head. The dragon destroys the castle and carries off Prince Ronald! It is up to Princess Elizabeth to rescue him, which she does with […]

Ode to a Geeky Reader

“Wait!” I can hear the outcry now. “This is the NERDY book club site!” Hear me out, my fellow readers. I absolutely claim membership in the Nerdy Book Club. I’ve been a card carrying member since my earliest memories. No – even before that. My mother tells stories of my father reading to me from […]

Tessering back to A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time – by Madeleine L’Engle “It was a dark and stormy night.” Stick with me now, friends. It may be a cliché, but it’s the start of one of the books that have lingered in my soul since elementary school. Judging by the posts that I have read here on Nerdy Book […]