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October 20

The Fog of Forgetting by G. A. Morgan – Retro Review by Melissa Guerrette

I confess: Fantasy novels often get stuck in my Someday book stack.   No matter how many of my Nerdy friends profess their love for fantasy novels like The Chronicles of Narnia or how emphatically they recommend A Wrinkle in Time, delving into another world that expects me to leave behind the constructs I am […]

February 20

Shelfies: A Snapshot of Our Reading Lives by Melissa Guerrette

Thanks to popularity among the Nerdy Book Club-types, shelfies have become trendy. Many of us have even made shelfies something of a habit. Just look at the call for #winterTBR stacks or the unsolicited shelfies we’ve all been posting in anticipation of snow day reading bliss. So, why is it? What is it about sheflies […]

Encountering Readers…of the Wild Kind by Melissa Guerrette

Last Friday night while taking advantage of uncharacteristic free time I made a quick trip into the local mall to return a pair of shoes that had been an indulgent purchase. It had been a typical long day, capping off a challenging week of school. This would be my last stop of the night before […]