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July 27

Of Gender, Growth, and Change by Michael M. Guevara

Years ago, I had what I called my summer of chick lit. I read some Alice Seabold, Lisa See, and Nicholas Sparks. I teased and joked about it to others before they could pass judgment on my reading selections. When I read Gone Girl recently, I also thwarted any unwanted criticism by announcing to anyone […]

September 21

Radio Road Rage by Michael M. Guevara

Normally, talking back to the radio in the car seems, well, pretty normal to me. I’ve been known to argue back with radio, hurl some particularly spicy bon mots, and spew more than a few NSFW rage-fueled diatribes (I may have to actually donate to my public radio station to feel fully justified in my […]

August 14

Worth the Space by Michael M. Guevara

In just a few short weeks, five-year-olds across the country will face one of life’s most iconic and scariest rites of passage—the first day of kindergarten. Moms and dads delicately dance between the euphoria of shopping for back-to-school supplies and the trauma of sending their babies out into the cold, cruel world of cubbies, centers, […]

April 24

So Last Season by Michael Guevara

Sometimes I worry that I’m not book hip enough, that I haven’t kept up with the latest must-reads, that my books are so last season. Others recommend new book after new book they’ve read while my Amazon Wish list grows like the epiphyseal plates of a teenage boy. The co-opted cliché, “So many books, so […]

March 11

Share the Love, Grasshopper by Michael Guevara

These are the kind of days you live for as a parent. Walking through the door after school, the first words out of my seventh grade son’s mouth were, “Dad, there’s a book I want. My friend got me hooked on it.” And, if he took a breath from that point on, I missed it. […]

Not Guilty by Michael M. Guevara

Somehow this seems like one of those things that I should be embarrassed to admit, but I like watching Judge Judy. Maybe the show serves as a reminder that my own life, for all its chaos, resembles an episode of Leave It To Beaver when compared to the human drama paraded before Judge Judy. It could also be […]