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March 26

WHAT IF…We Told You the Story Behind the Story? by Mike Curato and Samantha Berger

Greeeeetings!   Thanks for being a part of the Official What If…Blog Tour. Nerdy Book Club reminds us of three things we both love: nerds, books, and clubs! Put ‘em all together, and it’s magical. Maaaagical! (Insert big glittery PUFF of magic dust here, because who doesn’t love special effects? Sam and Mike do!)   […]

August 31

My Reading Journey by Mike Curato

Reading has been an ever-changing journey. It’s shaped my life personally and professionally. Here’s the story of my reading journey.   Very early on, I was fortunate to have a parent who read to me everyday. My Mom would read to me from Tibor Gergely’s Great Big Book of Bedtime Stories. I was really drawn […]