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October 06

Love and Friendship by Mike Jung

In April 2013 my friend Julie Solleder, who I’d known back in high school as Julie Forte, passed away suddenly from a fast-moving case of leukemia. I hadn’t seen Julie in decades, but around the time I signed my first book contract she was one of the few people I’d known in high school to […]

January 28

Cover Reveal: The Boys in the Back Row by Mike Jung

We are thrilled on Nerdy Book Club to reveal the cover for Mike Jung’s upcoming 2020 book, The Boys in the Back Row (Levine Querido)! We cannot wait until young people can read and share this book later this year.   Cover Art by Dion MBD.   Publisher’s Description Best friends Matt and Eric are […]

The Year I Read 100 Books By Mike Jung

I’ve held down my spot on the planet for a solid 43 revolutions around the sun, which is long enough to have read a fair number of books, but the only single year in which I consumed a triple-digit tally of books was during elementary school. My fourth grade class had a year-long reading competition, […]