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January 26

Review of Stella by McCall Hoyle – Review by Millicent Flake

My new granddog Maisy spent the first six months of her life in an animal shelter. When my son and his wife brought her home, she was fearful of everything. She is a sweet girl and wanted to be good but didn’t know exactly what was expected of her. She wasn’t sure where she should […]

November 23

The Thing With Feathers, by McCall Hoyle – Review by Millicent Flake

“I just love the metaphor in this book!”   I overheard this exclamation from an 8th grade girl sitting on the couch in my middle school library one morning. The student was reading an advance copy of The Thing with Feathers, the debut novel by McCall Hoyle, a high school English teacher from Gainesville, Georgia. […]

February 20

Comforted by Little Women by Millicent Flake

Last spring I was feeling melancholy, to use an old fashioned word. Our little cat Nellie had died after living with us for 14 years. Cats always choose us, not the other way around, and he had been a big part of the family. I missed his presence on the bed at night, his little […]

February 26

The Thrill of New Books by Millicent Flake

When I started as a middle school media specialist after 10 years in an elementary school, one of the biggest adjustments was the lack of money for new books. I went from a fairly large school to  a much smaller one and my budget was practically non-existent. After a frustrating few years, I decided I […]