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December 06

Escaping the Whale—Pinocchio Tales for Every Age by Natalie Rosinsky

Monstro the Whale was going to swallow Pinocchio—and maybe me, too!  The whale’s huge head was aimed right at me, its mouth yawning ever wider as Monstro prepared to attack . . . .   Suddenly, the giant creature was all I could see.  Three years-old in 1954, seated in a darkened movie theater’s balcony, watching […]

June 13

Whose Story is It Anyway? Ten Characters Who Take Back Their Books by Natalie M. Rosinsky

If you think you already know that classic story or novel, think again! You and the young people in your life will smile with delight or shiver with astonishment as a well-known plot unfolds from an unexpected character’s viewpoint. Everything from fairy tales to legends to literary classics are creatively retold in these attention-grabbing works. […]