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January 03

The 2020 Nerdies: Young Adult Fiction (Day Two) Announced by a Chapter of Nerds

Today is the second day of the 2020 Nerdy Book Club Awards announcements for Young Adult Fiction. You can read Day One here. Congratulations to the authors and publishers of these outstanding books. The variety of voices, genres, and topics on this list will engage young readers’ minds and hearts through the power of story. […]

January 02

The 2020 Nerdy Book Club Awards: Young Adult Literature (Day One) Announced by a Convention of Nerds

2020 was a year like no other—the global COVID-19 pandemic has altered every aspect of American life, including dramatic shifts in how young people attend school and teachers and librarians serve their communities. Access to books and technology remains a pressing concern in many places and educators and families must work together to provide young […]

December 26


Happy Saturday! I’m overjoyed to kick off the tenth annual Nerdy Book Club Awards. First up is fiction picture books! A GIGANTIC thank-you to everyone who nominated titles. Congratulations to this year’s winners! A Gift for Amma: Market Day in India by Meera Sriram; illustrated by Mariona Cabassa “One cannot think of India without thinking […]

December 01

Looking for a Home, Our 5th Nerdversary by Donalyn Miller

  As I child, I thought I was born into the wrong family. My mom and stepdad fought a lot, and worked multiple jobs to pay our bills. My brother, Wendell, was born with cerebral palsy and needed help with daily functions. My sister, Abbie, was retained in second grade for kicking a teacher during […]

January 03

2014 Nerdy Awards for Young Adult Fiction Announced by Donalyn Miller and Nerdy Nation (Part Two)

This post takes up where yesterday’s post left off–celebrating this year’s Nerdy Award winners for Young Adult Fiction. Thanks to Teri Lesesne, Jillian Heise, Kevin English, Kathy M. Burnette, Katherine Sokolowski, Paul W. Hankins, Sarah Gross, Don Miller, Cindy Minnich, David Macginnis Gill, Jennifer Fountain, and Karin Perry for contributing reading responses and reviews for […]

January 02

2014 Nerdy Awards for Young Adult Fiction Announced by Donalyn Miller and Nerdy Nation (Part One)

It seems like every second a new best books of 2014 list pops up online. Readers who enjoy keeping up with award-winning and well-reviewed current titles are frantically digging through to-read stacks in an attempt to catch every outstanding book they missed. Meanwhile, readers are looking over the fence at 2015 titles, which call to […]

December 01

Nerdy Book Club Turns Three by Donalyn Miller

The first Nerdy Book Club post appeared on December 1, 2011. Today marks our third anniversary. When Colby and I started the blog, we didn’t have grand ambitions. We wanted a place to celebrate the books our students loved and share ideas about engaging young people with reading. We weren’t sure anyone would read the […]