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August 07

The Cooperative Children’s Book Center: A Reading Haven by Sarah Wendorf

  I started my journey to become a school librarian in 2006 when I enrolled as a part-time graduate student at the University of Wisconsin. Even though I had grown up in a small city near the university, I knew more about the college hockey team than I did about what was all housed on […]

New Titles Mark Battle of Gettysburg Milestone by Sarah Wendorf

Before launching into my book discussion, I feel there is a not-so-secret thing to which I must admit: I am a history geek. A long time ago in a 5th grade class not too far away, I was given a state to research for our big fifth grade project. Students in my class had to write […]

The Black Cauldron by Lloyd Alexander – Reviewed by Sarah Wendorf

Before I begin talking about The Black Cauldron by Lloyd Alexander, I have some pictures I must share. Let’s call them Exhibits A, B and C. Exhibit A is my copy of The Black Cauldron. Try to ignore the obnoxious ocean of pink. Note the nearly falling off cover. Note the tattered spine that comes up on one […]

Liar and Spy by Rebecca Stead – Reviewed by Sarah Wendorf

Video Review of Liar and Spy Check out the link above for a video review of Liar and Spy! Sarah Wendorf is the LMTC Director of a 5th-6th grade school in southern Wisconsin.  She can be found on Twitter as @pageintraining and writes at pageintraining.wordpress.com

Reading Around the Fire

Like many other kids, teens and young adults, the arrival of summer for me meant camp was just around the corner. My packing list for the resident camp I attended and then worked for probably does not look too unusual: Bug Spray (mosquitoes, mosquitoes, mosquitoes) Sunscreen (if only it ever got taken out of the […]

My Favorite Read Aloud Memories

There’s a special kind of magic about hearing a story read aloud. It can whisk a listener away to far off places and open hearts. There is no bad place for a read aloud. While I loved listening to my classroom teachers, my elementary school librarian and my parents read to me reading aloud should […]