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February 08


Kindness has always been important. Most people want to be kind. Most parents hope their children will be kind. But kindness seems to be getting some extra attention these days, spurred on by current world events. As my latest book, Be Kind – released this week from Roaring Brook Press – came into being, I […]

February 07

Heart, history and a hero: Getting from good to good enough by Pat Zietlow Miller

When I sit down to write, I almost always begin with an idea. But a lot can happen along the way. And where I begin – even if the idea is good – isn’t always where I end up. Which is exactly what happened in the case of THE QUICKEST KID IN CLARKSVILLE, my new […]

Everybody Needs a Friend by Pat Zietlow Miller

Everybody needs a friend. For some kids, friends are their brothers or sisters, neighborhood children or school classmates. For other kids, friends take the shape of blankets or bunnies or pet rocks. My youngest daughter, Sonia, latched on to a butternut squash. She was quite small at the time, sitting in the front of a […]